"The Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability"

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"A mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

William A Ward

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Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability

Upon Passing your Part 2 Test you will begin training for your Part 3 and you will be offered an ADI21T form by the examiner should you wish to pursue a Trainee Licence, commonly known as a 'Pink'.

Firstly, you will hear many stories and read Blogs that can make the Part 3 sound quite daunting. However, with our Unique Training methods in the Part 1 Theory and Part 2 Practical, you will already be geared to giving insight and learning for the Part 3 before the Instructional Training has begun. This method is clear and precise and the result is accelerated learning with confidence. Remember it is in both

your interests and ours that you are successful. If you have not noticed already, I like my statistics and I have no intention in falling below the current 94% Pass rate. Sucess sells and your interests are at the heart of what we do, always.

"If you have not noticed already, I like my statistics and I have no intention in falling below the current 94% Pass rate. Success sells and your interests are at the heart of what we do, always."

During your Part 3 Test, the examiner will accompany you on a normal driving lesson and will normally sit behind your pupil. You will be expected to do a recap on the previous lesson and how there knowledge is relevant to the days planned subject. After covering a risk assessment and how responsibility will be shared, you will then direct your pupil to a relevant area. You will need to know how to deliver a brief and how to scale learning. This test lasts for an hour.


You learn't the Theory in your Part 1 and this is called 'Psycho' as it is using your brain for knowledge and information. You then learn't how

the Psyco information could be used to change your driving style to the way you will be looking for your Learners to do. This is a physical movement action and known therefore as 'Motor'.  For your Part 3 Test, you use the knowledge and your ability to use a 'Psycomotor' skills to teach your pupil. This in turn makes your Part 3 easier in every way possible. This is a tried and tested method and whilst the UK pass rate remains at 33% (01 September 2018), 94% of 214 Students have passed with us.

^*As a responsible Driving Instructor Training Establishment a Trainee Licence is only issued to those who:

1/. Complete the mandetory 40 hours.

2/. When we feel you will benefit from having one.

3/. We believe that you will Instruct safely.

4/. You will offer customers value for money.

5/. There is availability within the training providers business to provide you with enough customers.

Further we make our Pupils aware that you are a Trainee and you may charge a reduced rate for lessons. We feel that this is no different from a ‘Student Doctor’ and of course you are monitored and helped every step of the way.

You will be delivered One-to-One Training of 40 hours minimum if you would like to consider a Trainee Licence^*. This is an ORDIT recommendation and is a very accurate figure in our experience before being capable of giving value for money instruction to paying customers.

The licence is valid for 6 months and in that time you Must take a further 20 hours of training before sitting the Part 3 Test.

Now, whilst all this sounds good, as always there are Pros -v- Cons:

If you decide on a Trainee Licence, every Student I have had has

always earned back what they have spent on training at the very least and have made a profit.

A Trainee Licence is a personal decission, however we will give you all of the facts before making a decission that best suits you.

Video links are used to ensure that before each training session you have a clear understanding of what to expect. Again, this method has saved Students many hundreds of pounds compared to any other establishment and no other training organisation I am aware off does this. You also have the ability to use our Apps through our provider or if you prefer, you can opt for a paper version, which is laminated and can be used with a wipe off pen. You will also be provided with a comprehensive manual which covers everything you need to know before each training session covering what is expected by you to make your pupil successful.

There are 15 videos in total which show the Student how to do each section properly and educates as to what the examiner is looking for, along with almost every fault we have seen from both real Pupils and Role Play Pupils as set by the examiner on test. This ensures you have knowledge before sitting down next to your Instructor and thus saving you much more cost in extra training.

To have reached this point in your research, I believe that you are in for the long haul and really want to become an ADI  and our Industry desperately needs you.

You have read about the most cost effective way forward for your education, learning technique and memory retention. Therefore as I make this course national, I trust that you too will become successful, with a long and prosperous career.







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