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A short film designed to answer your questions and and introduce our course. Watch to the end for a special offer.

Myth: "All Instructor Training organisations are the same?"

Fact: "I want to answer this by telling you why we are different.

Do you remember from the previous page how many people complete the whole course and qualify?

"11 out of every 100 People"

This can be for several reasons and the most common are below. It is however very difficult to get accurate figures based on the way the Government figures are calculated, but in my experience the reasons are:

1/. Current work circumstances changed for the better:     

2/. Family circumstances change.

3/. Part 1 test more difficult than they thought.

4/. Part 2 test failure on third attempt.

5/. Lack of money.

6/. It's taking too long to pass.

7/. New job.

8/. Part 3 test failure on third attempt.

Another way to look at this is that if 100 people pay £4,000 in advance, thats £40,000 the Trainer has made, before lifting a finger. Now that you have paid all your money and it's in their pocket or in a contract to pay all the money regardless of whether you qualify or not, what incentive does your trainer have in you qualifying? If you were the trainer, would you be quite happy that 50%+ didn't go any further than their Part 2 test? It would save them around £1,600 in expenses too.

You can access the DVSA figures for yourself here:

DVSA Part 2 Pass figures | DVSA Part 3 Pass figures


Before you can begin to train as a

Driving Instructor with Catz-i.com ADiT, you need to meet the Minimum Requirements.

1/. You Must have held a Full UK Driving Licence for Three of the last Five Years.

2/.You Must Not have any Criminal Convictions relating to Children, Violence, Sexual Acts or Fraud.

3/. You Must Not have more than 6 Penalty points on your Licence.

You can see this looks good on paper. But... you need to deduct all of your vehicle expenses, Franchise, CPD courses and being sick and when customers are on holiday etc...

Therefore, the greatest downside of being Self Employed is that

'If you don't work, you don't get paid'.

Nevertheless, after tax, national insurance and all working expenditure, you can bring home a very decent £28,000 - £30,000 in your second & subsequent year. Further, which is explained on the page "How Much Do Driving Instructors Really Make?"  

Everything you need to motivate yourself and pass the Part 1 Theory & Hazard Perception Test. Further; how to look after your vehicle and make huge savings & ultimately prepare a foundation for your Part 2 Advanced Driving Test & Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability.

Instructor Training Part 1 Course

"In YOUR Best Interest"

Train Full or Part Time

You decide what suits your personal life best and choose the learning method to match.

Pay as you Go

The ability to pay as you go reduces the initial outlay required by a 'Whopping 96%' compared to Red Instructor Training. Using this method means that should your circumstances change or you change your mind during the course you will not have lost hundreds or in some cases thousands of pounds.

One-to-One Training in every part of the syllabus

You have the full and dedicated attention of the same Instructor Trainer every step of the way in your eADI Part 1 Course and our Local Instructor in your area for Part 2 & 3. This ensures that your training is tailored just for your requirements, which minimises cost by eliminating repetition and allows smooth progress until you pass your final qualification.

"Catz-i.com Approved Driver & Instructor Training has provided our local communities a service and a passion that a 'Big National' just couldn't do. With face to face and/or online support we have built a reputation that has earned us an Ai Business Award 2 years running and a nomination in this years 'Small Biz100'.

As we now grow into other areas of the UK, we aim to keep our original ethos from 2001 of a quality, not quantity approach and we believe we can extend that approach to you no matter where you are in the UK."

Davidson Davidson

01 March 2019

In OUR Best Interest

In normal circumstances, this is not how things should work, but we are in business and we want to be clear as to why we do things the way we do.

Because you 'Pay as You Go' in every Part, it is in our best interest to ensure we do a good job with you and meet your targets, because if we don't, you will leave and spend your money elsewhere. So it goes without saying; "we want your money", but we are prepared to work for it rather than take it and have no concern as to whether you pass or not.




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"If you bang your head off the same wall long enough and nothing changes, it's probably time you find a new wall."

Fiona Davidson

Pro's & Con's

Myth:     "Earnings in excess of £35,000 per Year."

Fact:      TV adverts claim that you can "EARN" £35K per

               Annum and I agree that this is a fairly accurate figure

               if you are in a Franchise. If you go solo in your

               first/second year, you will be building your customer

               base and realistically this would more likely be

               £28,000 in year 1.

Based on Catz-i.com ADiT driving lessons at £30.00 per hour. Therefore:

£30 X 5 hours of lessons = £150.00 per Day

Working 5 days per week = £750.00 per Week

Working 48 weeks per year = 48 X £750.000 = £36,000 per Year

Myth: "I can qualify in 4-12 weeks yeah?"

Fact: "A quick Google search can have all sorts of time frames for learning, however, the reality is that with test waiting times are around 10 weeks plus, there's more chance of a white fridge falling from the sky and landing on your head whilst swimming the Atlantic clutching a winning lottery ticket between your teeth than completing the course with any provider in this time frame. Nevertheless, we endevour to work at the speed you require, but it's only fair we will be realistic with you.

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