There is only so much that can be written here, however, it is fair to say that we have your success at the very heart of what we do. As a small local company most of our customers have come to us through recommendation and reputation. We do not have the glossy folders or big offices, nor the national network, but it is for the very reason that we love what we do and we are good at it. We would not exist without you and others that have gone before you and we can afford to charge less as a result, without compromising the quality and success that you get in return.

I hope the above is of use and it would be nice to hear from you. We do not do the hard sell, nor send you emails every day, call you with "Our new once in a life time offer" etc. This career is either for you or it is not, but the important part is that you choose a training company with your eyes wide open and by our encouraged method of Pay-As-You-Go, this means that if we are not meeting your needs, you can go elsewhere. Off course we don't want that and that's why we tell you the "small print" & "the catches" in advance to ensure that you look forward to your next training session and the next and the next.

Clear Roads

Davidson Davidson ADiT CEO

"Training + Investment = Career"

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"It is your moments of decission that your destiny is shaped."

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*Prices vary between regions, however we will always aim for quality, not profit

►Part 2 Advanced Driver Training Per 90 minutes of 1-to-1 Instruction

    (£32 - £35 per hour)     

►Part 2 Complete Test Route Video


Part 2 Pricing



Should I take out a Loan?

I have been asked this on numerous occassions, however, a short or long term loan can cause added stress if you are on a very tight time line to qualify.

This has to be a personal decission that only you can answer. I am unable to recommend a particular bank, however, PayPal is well known and trusted by most and experience has shown that

they tend to be fair in what they offer and as such I would suggest you consider

their offers and search for the lowest APR as this will affect the amount you

pay back.

Your in Control

Despite the information provided on the previous pages and the reason why I do things the way we do, I have been asked again and again "I understand, but can I not pay upfront?" Some of you inherited money and some had unfortunately been made redundant, whatever the case, you decided that you would spend the money on other things, if you didn't invest the whole amount now.

I have thought a great deal about this and I have prepared the prices below. If you so wish to pay in advance, then the option is now available, but please do email me first so I know that you are making the right decission for you and be informed of the guarantees I will make to you.

Deductible Expenses

ALL your course fees are 'Tax Deductable', which really means that you will be in credit with HMRC before qualifying and either joining a franchise or setting up your own business.

Tax Deductable expenses are:

                    (1).  ALL of your ADI Training

                    (2).  Your Dual Controls

                    (3).  ALL your DVSA test fees

                    (4).  A milage allowance for your training

                    (5).  A portion of your vehicle insurance

                    (6).  Your Trainee Licence

                    (7).  Your ADI Qualification Certificate

There is much more in this category, but we will keep you right when you qualify as to what you should do, records to keep, what's tax deductable and what is not, when to submit your tax return etc...

Grants & Employment Loans can be issued to people who fit a criteria of being unemployed for 18 months and meet the qualifying factors. I have had Students that have had their dual controls and fitting paid in full by grants, whilst others have been able to borrow money through Job Seekers, where the interest rate was well below the average and no payment needed to be paid back until they were qualified.

"As there is constant changes with the government, please check the options for yourself. The information above is from experience at the time of writing."

When calculating your budget, it's worth noting that driving lesson prices vary between £25-£40per hour, depending on where you live. Therefore, whatever you pay on training has a huge benefit at the end. Click here to see what a driving instructors projected income can be.

Self Employed Franchise Options available

Be your own Boss, work the hours you choose and work around your family commitment with a Franchise. The Franchise offers the most competitive rates as well as security, full back up and support, including DIA Membership, iPad, Training Records,Terms of Business and Visual Teaching System to name but a few. However, you do not have to join us and we will either find a local franchise for you or give you 10 hours of support in starting your own business.

Business Start Up Advice & Grants will assist you with your Business Plan and guide you towards government grants, benefits and low income Career Development Loans that you may be entitled to.

Guaranteed Position upon Qualification

Upon Qualification as a Driving Instructor, whether you decide to start your own Business, join or work for another Franchise, your choice and possibilities are endless and we can assist regardless of your decission.

Email me at for further information

Part 3 Instructional Training

►Part 3 Instructional Training Per 90 minutes of 1-to-1 Instruction  

    (£32 -£35 per hour)  

►Part 3 Robosoul 10 Teaching Apps


Part 3 Pricing



►Part 3 NEW Training Videos (Spring 2019)


►Part 3 NEW Training Manual (Spring 2019)


Part 2 Advanced Driver Training




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