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The Catz-i.com ADiT Policy Wording

Catz-i.com Approved Driver & Instructor Training (ADiT) is a Catz-eye.com company and may be referred to as ‘The Business’. Where reference is made to ‘The Offices, this covers our locations in Dunoon, Argyll & Prestonpans, East Lothian, unless otherwise stated.

When reference is made to ‘Our Vehicles’, this relates to vehicles collectively. Vehicles may have been replaced during this time and at some points of the year, we may have more or fewer at any one time. Individual vehicles will be referred to where appropriate.

Unless an individual is referred to as such, the terms ‘ADI’s’ or ‘The Team’ will include everyone within Catz-i.com ADiT

When reference is made to ‘The Business’, this incorporates all of the above, unless otherwise stated.

Our Environmental Policy

Catz-i.com ADiT was the first registered Carbon Neutral Driving School in the UK in 2001. Since then we have continued to be committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and continually improving our environmental performance by leading the way for other Driver Training Establishments to follow.


Catz-i.com ADiT‘s operational activities and the individual activity of its team affects the environment. The aim of this policy is to tell our interested parties including the team, our customers, our suppliers and the general public that Catz-i.com ADiT is committed to reducing any negative environmental impacts produced by our activities, products and services.

Our policy is to continually improve our environmental performance by:

• Reducing and/or neutralising our Co2 emissions from energy use.

          Reducing and/or neutralising our waste and maximising recycling.

          Reducing and/or neutralising our Co2 emissions from our vehicles

•  Reducing and/or neutralising our Co2 emissions from business travel

• Controlling how much water we use.

• Reducing how much paper we use.

          Protecting our biodiversity and ecosystems.

Delivery and monitoring

We will:

• Fulfil our compliance and obligations in relation to the environment.

• Meet or exceed the terms of the government’s recommendation policy on the environment.

• Continually monitor and improve our environmental management system.

• Set targets and objectives to protect the local and wider environment.

• Collate, monitor, and analyse data to measure performance.

• Prepare for policy changes in accordance with or exceeding government targets.

• Encourage staff, customers and suppliers to reduce their impact on the environment when providing services and

  products to us and within the business.

• Produce regular reports for the team on our performance in this area.

     • Ensure our response plans for vehicle or office incidents consider all significant environmental impacts.

Responsibility and questions regarding the businesses environmental policies and performance can be obtained by writing to:

Davidson Davidson

Catz-i.com ADiT


12 McKinley’s Quay




PA23 8NZ

We expect the team, our suppliers and our customers to take responsibility for their own impact on the environment and are urged to do their part in protecting our fragile environment in our beautiful country. Our ADI’s will incorporate ‘Eco Safe Driving’ into training sessions at no extra charge, unless the training session is dedicated to Eco Driving by request or prior agreement of the Learner or Trainee. Whilst it is in everyone’s interest to conduct ones self and/or drive as we have taught, this is a shared responsibility and Catz-i.com ADiT cannot be held responsible should the Learner, Trainee or ADI not to continue driving in the manner our ADI’s have taught.

For further information, you can find more information on Co2 and greenhouse gas emissions on the UK Government website and you can calculate your personal, household or business emissions by visiting The Carbon Neutral Company where you can offset your Co2 to assist in doing your part.

Written by: Davidson Davidson

Date 1st Published: 05 November 2014

Date of last review: 05 January 2019

Date of next review: 05 April 2020




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