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"The Part 1 eCourse & Test Fees"


The first part of the DVSA Test requirements is the "Part 1 Test of Theory", more commonly refered to as the "Part 1". This part is looking for your knowledge of the Highway Code, Law, Forms & Protocol, Signs & Basic Vehicle Mechanics among others.

Whether you live locally or nationally you can expect the samepassion and support in using the 'ePart 1 Course'. This saves you a few thousand pounds on training compared to any other training establishment we are aware off. You will have dedicated support to answer your questions and to assist as required. You will also have access to our Part 1 Forum, whereby you can learn from others and assist others on your journey too.

Your Course will comprise of:

1/. Full online eCourse Guide, seperating each section into bite sized areas of learning. These will be cross matched with the relevant study material. This method prevents information overload and ensures memory retention.

2/. Each topic has a video introduction and has appendixes on film too, which tend to be a little less boaring than reading. This is unique and at time of writing, no one else has done this.

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3/. All DVSA, ADiTR and ORDIT reference materials are in online format for easy studying on your PC, Mac, Tablet or iPad. Once you start using the Theory question bank you will also be able to download the app on your Moblie or iPhone.

4/. The Psychology Dipoloma has not been wasted and is used to effect a learning pattern that keeps you interested as you proceed.

5/. Online support is available daily and with you throught the course. This includes the Forum and personal replies from

me directly.

6/. For those that would prefer a paper option, we can arrange this for you with the full course guide and  

7/. The ePart 1 Test of Theory Course Guide has been upgraded every year since 2001 and covers an introduction to your Part 2 Test of Advanced Driving Ability and Part 3 Test of Instructionable Ability. This has proven to ensure a good foundation before progressing on to each new part and continues to provide success with 94% of our candidates to date, compared to 47.3% DVSA national figures.

references for a £29 flat fee, including postage &Packing. Email support will also be available for you and you have full access to the Forum too.

There are references to ORDIT & ADiT 3rd party books and you need these to get the best from your course. At time of writing, negotiations are underway to use online data apps instead and this will be released to you as soon as they are available and copyright dues have been paid.


This Part 1 Course, along with the Part 1 Test are there for a reason.

This course provides the foundations and framework of not only everything you need to PASS the Part 1, but also preparation for the Part 2 & 3 Test. This goes further with things like basic mechanics to ensure that you are not buying new tyres or clutches more than you need and increases your profit margin as an ADI.

From 18 years of experience teaching*, if you master the DVSA Theory Questions on a 79p app, you must be prepared to spend an extra £200+ on your Part 2 & a whopping £800+ on your Part 3.

*Data from 214 Students & taught by Davidson Davidson

What do I get for my Part 1 Investment?

All DVSA and Pre ORDIT Approved Training Material is supplied to you and there are NO hidden costs.

   ►24 hour access to the ADiT Part 1

       eTraining Course

   ►All DVSA & Pre-ORDIT Approved training manuals

   ►Unlimited online assistance^

   ►Driving Assessment arranged for you locally

   ►Up to date DVSA Theory Question Bank

   ►Up to date DVSA HPT videos using our app

   ►Module mock tests to identify strong & weak areas

   ►Video support & subject introductions as part of the


     ^During your 12 month period