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The Part 2 Advanced Driver Training

Part 2 Advanced Driving

Upon completion of your Part 1, you will go on to train and pass the Advanced Driving Test with the DVSA. This is based on the 'L-Test', BUT you MUST NOT drive like a Learner Driver and make safe maximum progress. ADiT will provide you with a trainer giving you One-to-One Training with our unique system that ensures you only take the hours that you actually need with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), not what you are 'TOLD' you need or pay for. As an example, you may only need 8hrs, but packages paid in advance are normally around 16 hours, where extra profit is made.

You will be given home practice, which accompanied by videos, diagrams and animations will reduce the amount of Lessons you require. For ADI Trainers, teaching a Part 2 Student is generally more of a coaching role. This is because unlike a

learner, the Student 'knows how to drive' and it's generally more about changing habbits that may have been present for many thousands of miles. On average

you will take between 10-12 hours of training, depending on habits and the

length of time you have been driving, however the main reason Students take

more than 12 hours is because they don't always practice everytime they drive.

Each training Session is Structured to ensure that goals are met and as always learning takes place at your own pace to achieve your goal date.

Your Part 1 Theory Course can run alongside your Part 2 course to save time and

get you your course quicker^.

Where your Part 1 covers the theory course, your Part 2 covers the practical side

and by combining knowledge with understanding and this sets you up for the

Part 3 Test of Instructopnal Ability, where you will 'Teach it as you would drive it'.

*Prices vary between regions, however we will always aim for quality, not profit. A CLEAR price will be given to you before you start your Part 2 Training. This may be carried out by an affiliate of

Subject to availability

Training can be arranged from or near your local test centre or in your area if you live a distance away.